Wexford MarineWatch

‘Wexford MarineWatch’ is a voluntary organisation which provides Suicide Prevention Patrols along Wexford Quays, Estuary & Harbour, and is a Registered Charity – RCN No.20107932, CHY No.22083.

Established in December 2012, our primary objective was to try and reduce the high level of deaths by suicide in the Wexford Harbour and Bridge area – which had began spiraling out of control.

Previously, most of these people in difficulty were not intercepted in time and those who entered the water got swept away by the very strong tidal flows in the Harbour.


The Wexford MarineWatch Scheme is self-funding and cannot operate without the vital support of the public as well as local and national Businesses. It costs us approximately €1,200 to fully equip and train just ONE volunteer.

We get NO funding or support from the Government or through Grants etc.

Marinewatch is a REGISTERED CHARITY (RCN No.20107932 / CHY No.22083) ensuring your donations go directly to preventing suicide in Wexford Harbour – nowhere else.